Have you ever faced an emergency situation, in which you have needed a flashlight and the flashlight you have had for that moment hasn’t lit up? Is the reason the fact that you have forgotten to change the batteries, which have finally leaked and been destroyed (In most of the cases destroying even the flashlight)? Or is the reason the fact that you have had the batteries for such a long time that they are discharged? You needn’t worry about any of these situations anymore!


Product of Greek manufactor

The “H2Only Battery Flashlight” will be there for you! When you damp it, it will light up and it will keep in full strength for over than 8 hours or it can keep even for days (depending on environment temperature)! And the best point is that, when it dries, it will stop decaying until the next damping and it can wait for EVER! There is no reason for worries, regarding leaks and expiration date. In case you want to store the flashlight, you will have to dry the battery with diligence. This can be done, when there is no bright LED indication, while the switch is in the ON position. You store the flashlight at a dry place and as long as the battery remains dry, it will not decay.


ECO Friendly Product


This means that, depending on the use, you may not need to buy again another flashlight!


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